‘100% false’: White House shuts down rumors about US president Joe Biden’s ‘medical emergency’ on Air Force One – Times of India

The United States declined far-right internet personality, Laura Loomer‘s “medical emergency” claims and said that the rumors over President Joe Biden‘s health were “100% false.”
According to the BNO News, “White House says rumors about a medical emergency on Air Force One are “100% false.” Biden was seen coming off the plane without issues and arrived at his Delaware home at 7:50 pm.”

Even Forbes Breaking News released a video where Biden was seen walking down from the plane at his Delaware home.
Earlier today, Loomer claimed that US President Joe Biden had canceled his Wisconsin July fundraiser after he had a “medical emergency” on Air Force One.
Attached is proof like a screenshot showing a travel pool report from the president’s home in Wilmington at 7:7 pm and 50 pm there was no Biden, Loomer said, “Pool did not see the President” when the motorcade arrived outside of @JoeBiden’s home. So where is he? And why were reporters who were set to travel with Biden on Air Force One today told they couldn’t do so, abruptly? Joe Biden had a medical emergency while flying and his staff didn’t want reporters to witness it.”

After she posted about her claims, people start questioning her credibility, to which she replied that this is not the false information. She claimed that Biden lied to the Democrat governors at the White House about his health.

She also said that before the cancellation, the secret service reportedly reserved a room inside the ER Ahead of Biden’s visit to Pennsylvania.
“Why would Secret Service be reserving rooms in the ER ahead of Biden’s visit to Pennsylvania on Sunday (which has now been canceled). It’s very obvious that Secret Service @SecretService was preparing for a BidenMedicalEmergency like the one Joe Biden had on Air Force One today,” Loomer said in a tweet.

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