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In a remarkable surgical feat, doctors at Sri Sundarlal Hospital in Banaras Hindu University (SSH, BHU) successfully removed a 25 paise coin lodged in the trachea (windpipe) of a 40-year-old man for the past eight years.
Led by cardio-thoracic surgeon Prof. Siddharth Lakhotia and Prof. SK Mathur, the team performed the delicate procedure in just 20 minutes on Tuesday.Dr Lakhotia commented on the rarity of such cases in adults, noting that foreign objects entering the trachea typically occur more frequently in children due to a weaker cough reflex.
“Foreign bodies lodged in the trachea pose life-threatening risks such as suffocation, pneumonia, and lung damage,” explained Dr Lakhotia. “The use of an advanced rigid bronchoscope was crucial in safely extracting the coin from the patient’s windpipe.”
Dr. Amrita Rath, from the Department of Anesthesiology, emphasized the precision required in such surgeries, where even minor errors could endanger the patient’s life. She highlighted the successful outcome of the procedure, with the patient expected to be discharged within a day.
“This specialized capability to handle tracheal foreign bodies in adults is unique to the Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU, among government hospitals in eastern Uttar Pradesh,” added Dr Ratnesh Kumar, another cardio-thoracic surgeon involved in the surgery.
Reflecting on preventative measures, Dr Kumar noted that incidents often occur when individuals sleep with objects in their mouths or are semi-conscious under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
The surgical team, including support staff Trivendra Tyagi, Anand Kumar, Om Prakash, Baijnath Pal, Vikas, and Sanjay, was instrumental in ensuring the successful outcome of the surgery.
This accomplishment follows a recent similar case where BHU doctors successfully removed a key stuck in a patient’s windpipe for a decade, further highlighting the hospital’s expertise in handling complex tracheal foreign body cases.

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