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Bill Maher, American television host, got brutally trolled and fact checked after he on a show claimed Narendra Modi “lost” election. “Voters keep saying over and over again we are not comfortable with this level of immigration. And I understand why. It doesn’t make you a racist to say that…they all stand back that we don’t want to be call racist.We will not make a move on immigration. It’s going to get them fucked in the Election day. It’s happening. It’s happening in Europe now. It’s happened with Brexit, it’s going to happen here in America,” Bill Maher said.
Journalist Joel Stein interrupted Bill Maher and said there are other roots of this far-right populism besides immigration. “I mean, India has far-right populism,” he said. “Just got rejected. Modi just lost those elections big time,” Bill Maher said. “Yeah but he has been there for a very long time…” Joel said.

Social media users, mostly from India, schooled Bill Maher for spreading fake news and asked him to stick to American issues without knowing the truth about India.
“Oh dude, Modi’s party was BY FAR the single largest party and easily formed the government with its pre-poll alliance without having to stitch a government with any new party. Stick to American issues, Bill,” a user wrote to the post Bill Maher made.
“Mainstream American media is so stupid. Modi won elections, Bill. Get a grip,” another user wrote.
“He can’t even google the fact that Modi has won the election the third time. This guy proves how dumb the US audiences have become. He is one of the highest paid hosts in the US,” another user wrote.
Well, what was Bill Maher trying to say?
For quite some time, Bill Maher has been handing out his ominous predictions for the Democrats for their immigration policies. President Joe Biden recently ordered a crackdown on the US-Mexico border if illegal crossings top 2,500 per day for seven consecutive days.
Bill panned the order calling it as a pre-election ‘Hail Mary’ that won’t work. “If Biden loses this election, it’s going to be because of two things: He’s old… and immigration. I mean, just on a political level, I don’t think they could have handled it worse,” he opined.
“The question that Democrats don’t seem to be able to have the balls to answer is just how many is too many? And like, infinity is the answer- if you don’t give that answer, you’re a racist. That’s their essential problem with this issue,” he said.

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