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BLACKPINK’s Lisa is receiving widespread praise for her inclusive approach and fair pay for the cast of her upcoming music video, ‘Rockstar’, as details of the production emerge. On June 26, Lisa unveiled a teaser for the highly anticipated song, showcasing its grand scale and cinematic ambitions, notably featuring scenes filmed in Bangkok’s iconic China Town, which was reportedly shut down for certain sequences.
Following the teaser’s release, further details surfaced from a Thai Facebook page, shedding light on the casting and payment arrangements for participants in the music video. According to the post, filming took place from May 22 to 24, requiring 12-hour shifts with breaks, preceded by rehearsal sessions from May 21 to 22.

The casting call reveals thoughtful pay rates and a diverse range of roles, ensuring representation across various groups. Motorbikers would receive 1,500 Baht (around $40 USD), while kid skateboarders are set to earn 3,000 Baht (around $80 USD). The casting is particularly inclusive of the LGBTQ community, with payments offered between 5,000 Baht and 8,000 Baht (around $135 to $215 USD), a final amount to be confirmed. Additionally, other actors, specifically those with unique characteristics beyond traditional beauty standards, would be compensated between 1,500 Baht and 3,000 Baht (around $40 to $80 USD).
The casting call emphasized inclusivity, seeking participants from diverse backgrounds and identities, including LGBTQ individuals and individuals with unique characteristics, not solely focused on conventional beauty standards. This approach garnered positive feedback online, with netizens applauding Lisa’s attention to detail and commitment to inclusivity within the music video’s production. Even before its official release, ‘Rockstar’ has generated significant buzz, reflecting the anticipation and excitement surrounding Lisa’s solo project.

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