Coaches of Panchavati Express get detached, nobody hurt; journey resumes after 40-minute delay | India News – Times of India

MUMBAI: Coaches of an express train running between Nashik district and Mumbai got uncoupled at Kasara in neighbouring Thane on Saturday morning, in which no passenger was hurt, a railway official said. The train resumed its journey after 40 minutes when the coaches were re-attached, he said.
The Panchavati Express train that began its journey from Manmad junction in Nashik district and was on its way to Mumbai, got uncoupled at Kasara railway station, about 128 km from Mumbai, Central Railway’s chief public relations officer Swapnil Nila said.The incident occurred when the train was moving out of the Kasara station around 8.40 am, he said.
“The train was uncoupled between coach number four and five. We will check why the coaches got uncoupled,” he said. The uncoupled coaches were again attached and the train left for further journey within 40 minutes, Nila said.
“The coupling between the two coaches was not broken. If it was not intact, the train would not have left for Mumbai within 40 minutes,” he added.
Uncoupling of trains can occur due to various reasons, but this particular incident apparently happened due to a sudden jerk when the train’s speed was being increased, another railway official said.
The train again faced a delay of more than 10 minutes on reaching Kalyan junction due to a failure of a track changing point, he said. Panchavati Express is one of the popular daily trains between Mumbai and Manmad junction.

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