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NEW DELHI: The Delhi University is all set to hold a meeting on Friday to discuss a proposal to teach Manusmriti to undergraduate law students. The move has drawn opposition from Social Democratic Teachers Front (SDTF) which said that Manusmriti propagates a “regressive” outlook towards women’s rights and underpriviliged communities.
The recommendation for these revisions received unanimous approval during a June 24 meeting of the faculty’s Course Committee, chaired by Dean Anju Vali Tikoo, as per the meeting minutes.
SDTF wrote a letter to DU vice-chancellor Yogesh Singh saying, “In Manusmriti, in several sections, it opposes women’s education and equal rights. Introduction of any section or part of Manusmriti is against the basic structure of our Constitution and principles of Indian Constitution.”
Under the proposed changes, two texts on Manusmriti are slated for inclusion in the curriculum: Manusmriti with the Manubhasya of Medhatithi by G N Jha and Commentary of Manu Smriti – Smritichandrika by T Krishnaswami Iyer, intended for students to study.
The teacher’s body insisted on the immediate withdrawal of the proposal and urged that it should not be endorsed in the Academic Council’s upcoming meeting.

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