Empty chairs, food & feast: Thai-based Chinese graveyard holds movie screening for dead – Times of India

A Thailand-based Chineses cemetry held open-air movie screenings for the dead from June 2 to June 6, South China Morning Post reported. This comes in the wake of providing comfort to the dead to reduce their “interference” with the living.
Organised by Sawang Metta Thammasathan Foundation, the aim was to offer the spirits contemporary form of entertainment, as reported by KhaoSod, a Thai daily newspaper.
The cemetry with 2,800 graves primarily belong to descendants of Chinese immigrants who settled in Thailand, and the film screenings were organized to honor their memories.
With four staff members present during the screenings, rows of chairs were placed for the spirits of the departed.
The staff also provided a banquet for the spirits, burning paper offerings such as food, miniature houses, vehicles, clothing, and everyday items.
Somchai, the event organizer, mentioned that showing movies for the deceased after the Ching Ming Festival or before the Dragon Boat Festival is a longstanding tradition in various Chinese communities in Thailand.
“This spooky film screening event is actually a very warm idea to make the deceased feel satisfied and the living feel at ease,” an observer wrote on Weibo.

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