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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma‘s romance is all that anyone has been talking about these days. The cricketer won hearts when he video-called home to speak to his wife and kids – Vamika and Akaay – after winning the T20 Cricket World Cup. As the boys in blue returned home on Thursday to celebrate their win with fellow Indians, fans noted Anushka’s absence during the celebrations.
As it turns out, the Bollywood star is reportedly in London with her two children. Virat was spotted catching an early flight out of the city early Friday morning to reunite with his family, after his big win. Amidst the many posts doing the rounds online, one fascinating throwback clip is making jaws drop online.
The clip in question features a tarot card reader’s prediction about Sharma’s love life. The reading that was done in 2011 on Simi Garewal‘s show, has drawn renewed attention for its strikingly accurate predictions. In the episode, the tarot card reader not only foresaw new work opportunities for Sharma but also highlighted her fearless nature in facing obstacles. The most intriguing part of the reading, however, was when the reader delved into Sharma’s romantic future.

“He will be a fighter, he will be a lot like you in nature – which is why you’ll get along. He will also be a self-made man,” the tarot card reader said, describing Sharma’s future partner as dashing, intelligent, and a self-made individual.
Interestingly, the tarot reader also predicted that Sharma would meet this person in two years, a timeline that aligns perfectly with her meeting cricket superstar Virat Kohli. A viral clip sees fans sharing a BTS clip of Virat and Anushka shooting a steamy dance sequence on the sets of a shampoo ad. “Shampoo Ne Bana De Jodi” fans humorously captioned the clip.

Anushka met Virat in 2013 on the sets of the ad shoot. According to reports, sparks flew between the two and they soon began dating.
This uncanny prediction has left fans marvelling at the accuracy of the tarot card reader’s words.

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