Govt looking at ‘watermarking’ AI-bred content to curb misuse | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Government on Wednesday said it is looking at “labelling and watermarking” of AI-generated content as its misuse – including through creation of synthetically-built content such as deepfakes – has the potential to amplify misinformation and disrupt democratic processes such as elections.
Discussions at the ‘Global IndiaAI Summit‘ here saw IT minister Ashwini Vaishnaw and secretary S Krishnan speak about the benefits arising out of AI even as they cautioned against its misuse while making a case for policy-making and creating guard-rails.
Krishnan also highlighted the need to address the inherent bias that can creep into AI platforms, and said this can be tackled by developing indigenous foundational models and more India-specific data.
Vaishnaw, giving out the inaugural address at the summit, said while the potential of AI for transformation and social good is evident, countries across the world also recognise the threats and risks associated with the cutting-edge technological leap.

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