‘I had her hand in mine. Then the crowd pushed us… found her lifeless body later’ – Times of India

Shreepal Singh, 52, from Arniya village in Bulandshahr, attended the satsang with his two daughters on Tuesday to seek Surajpal Singh, alias Bhole Baba‘s, blessings, but a nightmare unfolded in his already dark life.
Shreepal said, “I was holding my daughter’s hand and trying to cross the highway when the crowd pushed us and a bike hit me. I lost my grip and later found her dead under a pile of 12 lifeless bodies.Her last word was an agonised ‘papa’.” Shreepal has been partially blind ever since he met with an accident while working at a chemical factory in Delhi in 2007. He is jobless, doesn’t have a house, and every day is a struggle for the family.

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