Indian woman dies of a medical condition on Melbourne flight – Times of India

MELBOURNE: A 24-year-old Indian woman travelling from Melbourne to New Delhi on a Qantas flight on June 20 died on the spot when she developed a medical condition while the aircraft was still on the ground, according to a media report Monday. Manpreet Kaur reportedly “felt unwell” hours before arriving at the airport but managed to board the flight without any issues.According to a friend, Kaur was travelling to India to see her parents for the first time since she moved to Australia in 2020.
The friend said Kaur fell on the floor and “died on the spot” while putting on her seatbelt. The plane was still attached to the gate in Melbourne when cabin crew and emergency services rushed to help her.
“When she got on the plane, she was struggling to put her seatbelt on,” her friend Gurdip Grewal told the Herald Sun newspaper. “Just before her flight started, she fell in front of her seat and died on the spot.” It is understood that Kaur likely died of tuberculosis.

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