Leak ‘most important’ reason behind party’s poll debacle in UP: BJP ex-MP | India News – Times of India

Paper leak was “the most important” reason for BJP’s poor show in Uttar Pradesh in Lok Sabha polls, said the party’s former MP from Kannauj, Subrat Pathak, who lost to SP chief Akhilesh Yadav this time. In a series of posts on X, Pathak, while accepting that paper leaks had become endemic in India and the education system had been ruined by corruption, highlighted efforts by BJP govts in state and at Centre to correct the system.Pathak said besides a strong political will, the support of opposition parties was also required to combat paper leak.”Paper leak in police recruitment in UP is not new. Gradually, paper leak in various examinations across the country has become a part of our lives,” he said, adding that the Modi govt had already passed a strict law to check this.

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