Manvi Madhu Kashyap becomes India’s first-ever transwoman sub-inspector | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: For the first time in India, Manvi Madhu Kashyap, a resident of a small village in Bhagalpur, Bihar, has become the country’s first transgender sub-inspector. Additionally, the Bihar Police has appointed three transgender individuals as sub-inspectors, including two trans men and one trans woman.
The results of the Bihar Police Sub-Inspector exam were declared on Tuesday.Amidst the joy of passing the exam, the most special moment was for Madhu Manvi Kashyap, whose name was included in the final list.
After the results were announced, Manvi Madhu Kashyap shared her reaction: “I have struggled a lot, but now it’s worth it. Other institutes denied me admission, saying I would negatively affect the atmosphere. I wanted an education, but I wasn’t getting the opportunity. However, when I came to this institute, my life improved. My family always supported me, and that’s why I am here today.”

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