‘Mirzapur 3’ actor Rasika Dugal: UP’s storytelling shouldn’t be confined just crime; its crafts and culture should be celebrated | – Times of India

Rasika Dugal, who is all set to enthrall the audience with her power-packed performance once again in the upcoming ‘Mirzapur season 3′, recently graced TOI Dialogues where she sposke about her cinematic experience in Uttar Pradesh.
It all started in 2017 when Rasika first embarked on her cinematic chronicles of Uttar Pradesh. Although Mirzapur itself hadn’t hosted their crew, Lucknow warmly welcomed them with its rich culture and diverse tapestry.

Talking about how much has the city changed in the last 20 years, the actress marveled at the evolving landscape.

“Hazratganj has changed a lot,” she mused, “and Benaras’ Assi Ghat was revitalized, a true marvel for tourists.”

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When asked about the surge in filmmaking in UP, Rasika’s eyes lit up with passion. “UP-based content has seen a surge because of its rich diversity and relatability,” she explained. “Shows like ‘Gullak‘ capture the essence of everyday life here, thanks to our talented local writers.”
She believed that OTT platforms had revolutionized storytelling, demanding authenticity in settings. “Realistic locations have become essential,” she noted, “but UP’s storytelling shouldn’t be confined to just violence and mafia (crime). We should celebrate its crafts and culture, like the soulful kajri.”

As she eagerly awaited ‘Mirzapur’ Season 3, Rasika praised the loyalty of the fans. “The characters will evolve further,” she predicted confidently, “and the director will weave another compelling season effortlessly.”
When asked about her own role in the series, Rasika smiled warmly. “I strive for authenticity,” she said. “It’s a delicate balance—keeping true to the language and culture while ensuring accessibility for everyone.”
In her downtime, Rasika cherished moments of introspection and creativity. “I think about acting more,” she chuckled. “And I find solace in Urdu poetry and the works of Amrita Pritam.”

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