No place for Hinduphobia in UK, says Labour leader – Times of India

LONDON: Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, who is widely expected to become the next British prime minister, visited the Shree Swaminarayan Mandir in Kingsbury on Friday where he said “there is absolutely no place for Hinduphobia in Britain” and that Labour would “build a new strategic partnership with India”.
He began his speech with “Jai Swaminarayan” and praised British Hindus for not having forgotten their roots, for their “rich Hindu heritage and deep commitment to Britain’s future”.
“If we’re elected next week we will strive to govern in the spirit of seva to serve you and a world in need,” he said. “Strengthened by Hindu values, you’re not only contributing massively to our economy, you’re bringing innovation and expertise that keeps us competitive on the global market.”
He said Labour had a record number of Hindu candidates in the general election. If selected, they will “stand – with the entire Labour party – firmly behind the Hindu community, representing your concerns, listening to your voice, working with you, on issues at home as well as on the global stage,” he said.
Starmer was received by an Indian pipe band in Scottish regalia. He performed “anjali mudra” and then inside the mandir he performed puja which included “abhisheka”, interacted with local schoolchildren and was given “prasad”.
Dr Neeraj Patil, chairman of Hindus for Labour, said: “He is going to address anti-Hindu hatred, which is most welcome. He is sending a strong positive signal to 1.7 million British Hindus that the prospective Labour govt will include Hindus in the growth and prosperity of this country.”

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