‘One shouldn’t do politics in such incidents’: BJP’s Sudhanshu Trivedi criticises politics over Hathras stampede | India News – Times of India

VARANASI: BJP leader Sudhanshu Trivedi criticised the politics surrounding the Hathras stampede incident on Saturday, stating that such incidents should not be politicised, adding that the issue should be talked about with sensitivity and maturity.
“I believe that the heart-wrenching incident of Hathras should be talked about with sensitivity, seriousness and maturity.The Uttar Pradesh government is working with full vigilance, accused have been arrested and strict action will be taken against those who are guilty.”
Questioning Rahul Gandhi over the Tamil Nadu spurious liquor case that killed 65 people, Trivedi asked that did he visit the people affected?
“I want to ask Rahul Gandhi, Your INDI alliance government is there in Tamil Nadu, more than 50 people died there after consuming poisonous liquor. You did not even go there or give any statement,” Trivedi said, hitting back at the opposition leader.
“Your government was in Rajasthan, so many big incidents happened. Not a single word came out of your mouth. One should not do politics on such incidents for political gains and losses on the scale,” he added.
Meanwhile, Congress leader and Leader of opposition Rahul Gandhi visited Hathras to meet with the family members of the victims of the Hathras stampede.
At least 121 devotees lost their lives in a stampede at a religious ‘Satsang’ event of self-styled godman Suraj Pal, alias ‘Bhole Baba’, in Fulari village in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras on Tuesday.
Earlier in the day, Devprakash Madhukar, the main accused in the Hathras stampede incident that claimed 121 lives, was produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court.
Subsequently, he was sent to 14 days of judicial custody.
The court asked the accused whether he had written permission of the event and from whom did he got it. He replied that he got the permission from SDM for a gathering of 80,000 people.
The court asked had they done publicity of the event, to which Madhukar said he didn’t.
Notably, Devprakash Madhukar, was absconding, and a reward of Rs 1 lakh was announced for providing information leading about him.
Madhukar was finally arrested on July 5 in the national capital. Two other accused, Ramprakash Shakya and Sanju Yadav, were also arrested today, the police said.The stampede happened during the ‘Satsang’ of self-styled godman Suraj Pal Singh, or ‘Bhole Baba’ in Fulari village in Hathras on July 2.

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