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Telugu actor Raj Tharun is gearing up for his upcoming film ‘Tiragabadara Saami,’ and finds himself in the midst of controversy as Lavanya, his longtime partner, has filed a case against him at the Narsingi police station in Hyderabad.
According to reports from Gulte, Lavanya alleges that she and Raj Tharun have been in a relationship since 2012. The couple had been living together since 2014 and even married in a temple, as per her claims.However, Lavanya states that their relationship took a turn when Raj began an affair with a young actress based in Mumbai, leaving her feeling abandoned and distressed.
Lavanya’s complaint details a series of disturbing incidents, including threats from the actress involved, her brother, and other associates. She recalls being confined to her home and feeling isolated as Raj spent more time with the actress. The situation escalated to the point where Lavanya felt compelled to file a police complaint, seeking justice and protection.In her emotional account, Lavanya explains how she once envisioned a future with Raj, planning to marry him formally. However, the affair and subsequent abandonment shattered her hopes. Lavanya’s complaint also mentions her previous legal troubles, revealing that she spent 45 days in jail due to a drug-related case. During this difficult time, she alleges that Raj offered no support.
She expresses her deep attachment to Raj, describing him as her world, and pleads for him to leave the actress and return to her. Despite her statements, the credibility of these claims is yet to be verified as the case unfolds.
The Narsingi police are currently investigating the allegations, seeking further evidence and statements from both parties involved. Raj Tharun has not publicly responded to the allegations, leaving the public and his fans awaiting his side of the story.

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