Video: Heavy rain batters Haridwar; cars, buses swept away in Sukhi river | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Haridwar witnessed intense rainfall on Saturday afternoon, causing the Sukhi river to overflow which usually remains dry. Numerous vehicles parked on the riverbed were swept away by the powerful currents and were seen floating in viral posts on social media platforms.
“It was a heavy downpour. I wasn’t there, people told me that my vehicle had been swept away…8 vehicles have been removed so far.I was here as one of my relatives died,” said Suraj Singh Bisht whose vehicle got submerged in the river.

The Sukhi river merge with the main stream of the Ganga a short distance away. It is used as a common spot for people to park their cars as it usually remains dry.
The heavy downpour also led to waterlogging on major roads throughout the town, while rainwater inundated homes and properties.
Meanwhile, SDRF rescued vehicles caught in strong current following heavy rainfall and authorities also advised people to avoid bathing in the river.

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