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Following a resounding electoral triumph, Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, is poised to succeed Rishi Sunak as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
Along with this new role, Starmer and his wife, Victoria, will relocate to the official residence of the UK prime minister, 10 Downing Street in London’s City of Westminster, from their current £1.75m townhouse in Kentish Town, situated within Starmer’s Holborn and St Pancras constituency.
Who is Victoria Starmer?
While much attention has been focused on Keir’s historic victory, less is known about his wife, Victoria, who maintained a relatively low profile during the election campaign. The couple, both lawyers by training, married in 2007, a year before Starmer became Director of Public Prosecutions.
Their first encounter was an unlikely one at work, as Starmer recounted to Piers Morgan in 2021. As a barrister preparing for a court case, he demanded to speak to the lawyer who had drafted documents related to the case, which turned out to be Victoria. After inquiring about the accuracy of the documents, he overheard her saying, “Who the bleep does he think he is?” before she hung up on him.
Starmer pursued her for months after that, and they have been together ever since. “Vic is beautiful, she is grounded, we share values and we laugh together,” Starmer said.
Victoria, whose parents are Jewish, currently works in occupational health within the NHS. “Half of the family are Jewish, they’re either here or in Israel,” Starmer told The Guardian last month, emphasizing that he and his wife are “very keen” for their children to understand their heritage.
The new prime minister has also discussed his children’s concerns about the upcoming move to Downing Street. “Deep down they’re worried that this (their lives) could change, which is why we will fiercely protect their privacy,” he said.

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