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MUMBAI: Shiv Sena (UBT) MLA Aaditya Thackeray and Congress MLA Aslam Shaikh on Wednesday visited the house of Pradip Nakhva, whose wife was killed in the Worli hit and run accident. Aaditya asked if the state govt must run a bulldozer on Mihir Shah’s home. Sena (UBT) MP Sanjay Raut said Rajesh Shah, father of main accused Mihir Shah, is connected to the underworld.
“Efforts are being made by the government to save the accused in the Worli hit and run case. The Worli hit and run case is not common. Just like the case of the Porsche car accident that happened in Pune, this is the case in Worli. Check the criminal records of the father of the accused in that Worli. How did he become a person close to the chief minister? He has connections with the underworld,” said Raut.
“This is not a mere accident. This must be treated like a murder case. They allowed Mihir Shah to be in hiding for 60 hours. They allowed him to remove the patty symbol from the car and the number plate. Who was supporting them? What was the political backing? Will the illegal CM show the guts to run a bulldozer on Mihir Rajesh Shah’s home?. Whoever is responsible we will not spare anyone and we will punish everyone,” Aaditya said.
“This is not a government for the common people, but a government that supports those who crush the common people under the car. The government will have to pay for the pain of the Nakhwa family, the tears in their eyes. After a celebrity receives a threatening phone call, the police administration immediately deploys security outside the celebrity’s house, the state government also shows promptness in everything. But after the death of a common woman, it takes 60 hours to arrest the accused. CCTVs are installed all over Mumbai. Even then, it takes 60 hours to catch the accused, this is a failure of the police administration, but it is not possible for the accused to walk free for 60 hours without the government’s blessings,” Shaikh said.
When Aaditya and Sam visited the Nakhwa home, Pradip Nakhwa and his daughter Amruta broke down and said, “My mother should get justice. They should not be spared. I want him (Mihir Shah) to get the death penalty. She (victim) was in a lot of pain, I saw her with my own eyes, in the hospital.”

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