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INDORE: Two bags containing dismembered body parts of a woman were found tucked under a seat in a general compartment of a passenger train while it was being cleaned in a yard near Indore station late Saturday night.
Forensic experts suspect the woman was killed at least two to three days earlier. Police say whoever hacked the body knew how to cut it up and stop blood flow at the same time.The victim was yet to be identified but is believed to be from somewhere along the 149km route of the Nagda-Mhow passenger train.
“The head and upper part of the body were found in a trolley bag. Her thighs were kept in two separate polythene sacks. The body was highly decomposed and looked at least three days old. The woman was seen wearing a bindi and her hair was braided,” said GRP police station in-charge Sanjay Shukla. A cleaner, Rinku, was revolted by the stench and alerted police, Shukla added.
Shukla said that five teams have been formed to solve the mystery. They are checking CCTV footage at Indore, Nagda and Ujjain stations, and all other halts of the train where the bags may have been carried into the coach. Officials are also checking missing persons’ reports and have alerted nearby districts and states.
Forensic expert Dr BL Mandloi said based on the level of decomposition, it seemed the body was “at least two days old”, adding the autopsy would help determine the weapon used in the murder.

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