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TASHIGANG: Prem Lal arrived early at the sub-divisional magistrate’s office last Thursday, the icy cold and crisp morning air hinting at the challenges ahead. As one of the 29 booth-level officers deployed from Kaza to polling stations in Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, Lal knew the next few days would be demanding. Wearing sunglasses to shield his eyes from the glaring sun, the teacher joined others in a semi-circle.The SDM, carrying a bunch of papers, called out the names of the poll-booth officers and their assignments.
It was Tashigang for Lal and his team of five others. Tashigang is a tiny village perched high in the icy Himalayas at a staggering altitude of 15,256 feet. The village holds the distinction of hosting the highest polling station in the world.
Located near the India-China border, Spiti Valley is part of the Mandi Lok Sabha seat, one of the four parliamentary constituencies in Himachal Pradesh and second largest in India.
The polling station at Tashigang served 62 voters from Tashigang and Gete. The hour-and-a-half-long journey to Tashigang, located on the other side of a mountain facing the SDM’s office in Kaza, was as formidable as the landscape itself – rugged terrain, narrow winding dirt roads and unpredictable weather.
Yet, for Lal and his team, the assignment carried a sense of purpose. In a place where the harsh environment shapes every aspect of life, facilitating the democratic process was both a “duty and an honour”.
On voting day on Saturday, the polling team and voters donned traditional Chuba attire. A lunch was organised for voters. They took selfies at a selfie point set up against the backdrop of brown hills and a bright blue sky. “My vote, my right,” it said, capturing the spirit of democracy in this remote corner.

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