Anupam Kher condemns CISF constable for slapping Kangana Ranaut; says women in India should react to it | – Times of India

Veteran actor Anupam Kher has spoken out strongly against the recent incident at Chandigarh airport where CISF woman constable Kulwinder Kaur slapped actress-turned-politician Kangana Ranaut. The incident, which has sparked widespread outrage, saw Anupam Kher expressing solidarity with Kangana.
In an interview with Instant Bollywood, Anupam Kher described the incident as “very unfortunate,” particularly because it involved security personnel.He emphasized that such grievances should be handled differently. “It’s very unfortunate. It shouldn’t have happened especially from someone who is a security personnel. Jo bhi grievances hai usko alag tarike se pesh karne chahiye. I feel women of India should react to it, not just because Kangana is an MP, but she is also a woman,” the actor remarked.
Following the altercation, the CISF acted swiftly, suspending Kulwinder Kaur and initiating a departmental inquiry. This move was aimed at addressing the misconduct and ensuring such incidents do not recur. The slapping incident has ignited debates about the conduct of security personnel and the treatment of women in public life.

Other prominent figures in the entertainment industry also voiced their disapproval of the incident. Shekhar Suman and Kangana’s ex, actor Adhyayan Suman, condemned the act while speaking to the media in Mumbai. Shekhar Suman stated, “Wo bahut hi galat hai (That is very wrong).” He continued, “It is very unfortunate and this should not happen to anyone. It’s illegal what she (CISF woman constable) has done. She should definitely be punished. I could understand that she must have had some anger or complaint but this is not the right way to express it. She could have also done it in a civilised manner. You can’t raise your hand on anyone like this.”

Meanwhile, Anupam Kher had earlier congratulated Kangana on her significant political achievement. He shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, accompanied by a reel of her recent photos. “My dearest #Kangana! CONGRATULATIONS on your HUGE Victory! You are a #ROCKSTAR. Your journey is so so inspirational! So happy for you and the people of #Mandi and #HimachalPradesh. You have proved time and again that if one is focused and works hard, anything can happen,” Anupam Kher wrote, showcasing his admiration for her perseverance and success.

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