Anurag Kashyap calls Sacred Games ‘golden period of OTT’: ‘Now it is not dictated by quality, it is dictated by algorithm’ – Times of India

Following the massive success of Sacred Games, there was a boom in the popularity of OTT platforms and the crime thriller genre. However, Anurag Kashyap now believes that the golden period of OTT is over.
Talking to Radio Nasha, Anurag said that OTT has turned into TV, stating that the long-format plots have always had potential but now it is not dictated by quality, it is dictated by algorithm.“So that is where the problem is about,” he mentioned. The director also said that the same thing also happened with TV as their TRPs started deciding what kind of television should be made. When shows were on Doordarshan, they had a certain quality.
Adding more, the filmmaker said, “Until the time they need new subscribers, they will experiment with new things. When they have exhausted that, then it turns into TV. This is a cycle. I have been around for 32 years now,” he said. “Now the same multiplexes will play the same film on four screens. They are not supporting the films they were initially doing. When the studios came in, they were also making new kinds of films, but then they also started catering to the same formula.”
Kashyap also mentioned that he and Vikram (Vikramaditya Motwane) created Netflix’s first India show. He feels they wouldn’t get the same kind of sensibility and support now because things have changed. Anurag explained that people without filmmaking experience, mostly from TV, are now working in the department of shows. “Their TV background affects how they approach things, making it frustrating for creative people to work with them. It’s like banging your head against a wall sometimes,” he said.
Anurag further added that he doesn’t think he’ll get the chance to create the kind of long-format content he wants as they are also scared. He gave an example of a show called ‘Maximum City’, which was approved but later dropped without any official communication.
On his work front, Anurag will be featured in the upcoming series ‘Bad Cop’, which is about a classic cop VS villain story with a twist.

‘Bad Cop’ Trailer: Anurag Kashyap and Gulshan Devaiah starrer ‘Bad Cop’ Official Trailer

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