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It’s official, ChatGPT is coming to Apple iPhones, Apple iPads and Apple Macs later this year. Apple confirmed the same on the Day One of its ongoing developers conference — Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC2024) where it launched the next-generation versions of iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, tvOS and watchOS. Apple announced a partnership with OpenAI to bring its ChatGPT chatbot to its devices.Starting later this year, iPhone, iPad and Mac users will be able to access ChatGPT for free within iOS 18, iPadOS18 and macOS Sequoia, without needing a separate account.

Apple’s big ‘Google hint’

However, it seems Apple is not sticking to only OpenAI to power AI in its devices, the company also plans to tie-up with other LLM makers in the coming months. This means that Google’s Gemini could too eventually come to iOS.
At a post-WWDC 2024 keynote live session, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi spoke about how the company is thinking about integrating other AI models. Federighi said that while ChatGPT is obviously the first big-name partner, the company eventually plans to have domain-specific models. “We want to enable users ultimately to choose the models they want, maybe Google Gemini in the future. Nothing to announce right now,” he said. There have also been speculations of Apple being in talks with Google for using Gemini AI feature.
Apple is making a high-stakes bid to catch up with rivals in the booming AI market. After what can be termed as falling behind rivals like Google and Microsoft, the company as a repot in Bloomberg says: “is counting on a streamlined interface — and loyal customer base — to regain ground.” “This is a moment we’ve been working toward for a long time,” Federighi said at the WWDC keynote. He described Apple Intelligence as “AI for the rest of us,” alluding to an old slogan about the Mac computer.
OpenAI Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman was at Monday’s event and wrote on the social media site X that he was “very happy” to be teaming up with Apple.

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