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NEW DELHI: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha’s candidate Sudesh Kumar Subba has won from Maneybung-Dentam, defeating SDF’s Tika Ram Chettri. Sudesh Kumar Subba polled 8553 votes compared to Tika Ram Chettri’s 2514.
Maneybong-Dentam Assembly constituency, located in the West district of Sikkim, is one of the 32 assembly constituencies in the northeastern state of India.It falls under the Sikkim Lok Sabha constituency, making it a significant electoral region.
In the 2019 Sikkim Legislative Assembly election, Narendra Kumar Subba from the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) won the seat with 7,134 votes, securing 55.15% of the total vote share. His closest competitor, Purna Hang Subba from the SKM, garnered 5,630 votes, accounting for 43.52% of the votes. This highlighted a competitive political landscape in Maneybong-Dentam, although the SDF maintained a lead.
Reflecting on the 2014 election, the SDF’s Narendra Kumar Subba had a more decisive victory, obtaining 7,737 votes, which constituted 72.43% of the total votes. SKM’s Birbal Tamling received 2,519 votes, amounting to 23.58% of the votes. The significant lead in 2014 underscored the SDF’s strong foothold in the constituency at that time.
As the 2024 assembly election approaches, scheduled for 19th April alongside the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections, the political dynamics seem poised for another closely watched contest. The voter turnout for this election was notably high at 83.69%, indicating strong electoral engagement. The major candidates for the 2024 election are Sudesh Kumar Subba from SKM, Tika Ram Chettri from SDF, Narendra Kumar Subba from BJP, and Nar Bahadur Gurung from INC.
The SKM has expressed confidence in securing a landslide victory in the 2024 Assembly election, signaling a robust campaign and strong voter base. The competitive edge between the candidates and parties highlights the vibrant democratic processes at play in Maneybong-Dentam. The outcome of this election will not only shape the future leadership of the constituency but will also reflect broader political trends within Sikkim.

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