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NEW DELHI: China Thursday lodged a protest with India for PM Modi’s acknowledgement of Taiwan Prez Lai Ching-te congratulatory message on X in which Modi had said he’s looking forward to closer ties as “we work towards mutually beneficial economic and technological partnership”. Chinese foreign ministry urged India to resist Taiwan’s “political calculations’” and not do anything to violate the “one-China principle”.
Lai had said in his message he wanted to enhance the partnership and expand collaboration on trade, technology and other sectors to contribute to peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific.China, which opposes any political contact between Taiwan and countries with which Beijing has diplomatic relations, said it had protested with Indian authorities and that India is familiar with China’s “clear” position on the issue.
“The one-China principle is a universally recognised norm in international relations and a prevailing consensus in the international community. India has made serious political commitments on this and is supposed to recognise, be alarmed about and resist the Taiwan authorities’ political calculations. China has protested to India about this,” said foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning.
China too has congratulated Modi for the poll outcome but not in the form of a message from President Xi Jinping but through an official statement, and through its newly appointed ambassador Xu Feihong. Like other countries which have diplomatic ties with China, India too follows one-China policy even though there has been no public articulation of it since 2010. China opposes all forms of official interactions between Taiwan authorities and other countries, saying Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory.

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