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LUCKNOW: The Election Commission of India has trashed 47,894 votes in UP across 80 constituencies in the state. The ECI data showed that after the culmination of seven-phase elections in Uttar Pradesh, total EVM votes polled were 8,77,23,028, but on Tuesday the total EVM votes counted were 8,76,75,134.
Explaining, chief electoral officer Navdeep Rinwa said: “We are still in the process of collecting and processing data.Votes can be discarded during counting for various reasons. For instance, EVMs might have suffered technical glitch, or the mock poll votes and slips were not cleared from EVM and VVPAT box prior to starting the polls, which might have resulted in showing greater number of votes against the registered number of votes at a polling booth.”
In Aligarh which recorded 11,37,051 EVM votes, the ECI counted 11,31,155 EVM votes and discarded 5,896. The total counted votes (EVMs and postal ballots) were 11,33,366. The winning margin on this seat for BJP was 15,647 votes.
In Hamirpur seat, the ECI recorded 11,14,874 votes post poll culmination, but during counting 11,13,768 EVM votes were considered and 1,106 discarded. The total counted votes (EVMS and postal ballots) were 11,15,299. The winning margin on this seat for Samajwadi Party was 2,629 votes.
Speaking on anonymity, officials of Chief Electoral Office Uttar Pradesh said there were scores of polling booths where EVM machines did not function properly. Also, in cases where voter turnout was more than the registered voters at a polling booth, the entire vote of the EVM was trashed.
Similarly, there were instances where EVM’s display did not reveal the number of total votes even though polling was successfully conducted. According to ECI, there were 1,62,069 polling booths in the state. Another official said: “The number of discarded votes is less than the number of polling booths. The ECI maintained utmost transparency during counting and ensured only valid votes are counted to declare results.”
Total EVMs votes: 8,77,23,028
Total EVMs votes counted on June 4: 8,76,75,134
Total EVMs votes discarded: 47,894
NOTA: 6,34,971

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