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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mega south push may help BJP make significant gains in the region, with the exit polls predicting saffron party may win its first Lok Sabha seat in Kerala. The pollsters also see considerable increase in BJP’s voteshare in most of these states. Here is what poll of exit polls predict for the southern states.
BJP-led NDA – 23 seats
INDIA bloc – 5 seats
In Karnataka, the BJP is projected to hold on to most of its seats despite a comprehensive loss to the Congress in the assembly elections.The Congress will only make marginal gains in the state, according to the exit polls.
Tamil Nadu
DMK-led INDIA bloc – 36 seats
NDA – 2 seats
AIADMK – 1 seat
According to Axis MyIndia, while the INDIA bloc will maintain its dominance with a vote share of 46 per cent, the BJP’s vote share in the state could jump to almost 22 per cent.
Congress-led UDF – 16 seats
BJP – 2 seats
LDF – 2 seats
Kerala could see BJP winning its first Lok Sabha seat this time around with a significant gain in party’s voteshare in the state.
Andhra Pradesh
NDA – 17 seats
YSRCP – 8 seats
In Andhra Pradesh, the BJP made the right choice by aligning with Chandrababu Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party which is projected to make significant gains in the state.
BJP – 9 seats
Congress – 7 seats
AIMIM – 1 seat
In Telangana, the BJP is likely to double its tally compared to the 2019 elections edging past the ruling Congress. The TRS is expected to be decimated in the state, according to the exit polls.
Clearly, led by PM Modi, the saffron party has set the stage for making deep inroads in south beyond Karnataka, which till now is the only state to have a BJP government in the region. The BJP’s strong south show could well propel the saffron party to its poll cry of “400 paar,” when the results are announced on June 4.

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