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The temperature has crossed over 45 degrees in some parts of the country and that has led to reduce the efficiency of refrigerators. And, this makes it important to adjust the fridge’s temperature to the right settings to keep its cooling efficiency intact offer optimal cooling in summer as in any other season.
Most refrigerators come with the option to adjust the temperature to improve the overall cooling efficiency of the fridge.However, it is also important to understand the right temperature for the refrigerator during the summer season. If you have a double door or side-by-side refrigerator, then you also need to know the right temperature settings for both fridge and freezer sections.
In this article we will discuss the right temperature settings for your refrigerator and also some tips and tricks to boost the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator.
What’s the ideal temperature for fridge and freezer during summer season
According to a post by Samsung, it is recommended to keep your fridge temperature set at 3°C/37.4F and freezer at 19°C/-2.2F throughout the year.
Voltas recommends users to keep the fridge temperature set between 3°C and 5°C. And, the temperature is recommended between -18°C and -23°C.

Brand Recommended Fridge Temperature Recommended Freezer Temperature
Samsung 3°C / 37.4°F -19°C / -2.2°F
Voltas 3°C to 5°C -18°C to -23°C

Tips to boost fridge cooling

  • Ensure the fridge-freezer is at least 5 cm from side walls and 10 cm from the rear wall.
  • Avoid placing the fridge-freezer in conservatories or areas with direct sunlight.
  • Maintain the fridge temperature around 3°C (37.4°F) year-round.
  • Set the freezer temperature around -19°C (-2.2°F) or -18°C (-0.4°F), based on the model.
  • Use power freeze or power cool functions only for large quantities of fresh food.
  • Turn on power functions 2 hours before adding food and off 5 hours after.
  • Do not store ice creams, ice lollies, or bread in the freezer doors or top shelf.

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