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NEW DELHI: Putting an end to speculations about Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar joining the INDIA bloc after the Lok Sabha election results, JDU national spokesperson Rajiv Ranjan on Wednesday said that despite spending millions on various manipulations and false propaganda, the INDIA bloc leaders have lost their mental balance after losing the elections for the third consecutive time.
“The false propaganda about Nitish Kumar is a result of their frustration. They should know that the unity of the NDA is as strong as a rock,” Ranjan said in a press statement that the party issued today.

Describing the NDA’s victory in the Lok Sabha elections as the victory of the people, Ranjan further said that this Lok Sabha election was not an ordinary election but a political battle between dynastic and opportunistic parties and those who believe in democracy.
“On one side were those eager to maintain their family dominance, and on the other were leaders like Namo-Nitish who care about the nation’s interests. Even though our seats have slightly decreased, by defeating the dynastic parties for the third consecutive time, the people have shown that the days of dynastic rule are over. The public stands with democracy and development,” the statement read in Hindi.
Claiming that the country’s development will accelerate during the NDA’s third term, the JDU spokesperson said that all the parties in the current NDA government are dedicated to the nation and the people.
“The sole objective of all is the development of the people. Therefore, with the cooperation of all parties, the country will progress rapidly on the path of development during the NDA’s third term. Many new records will be set and many old ones will be broken this time,” Ranjan added.

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