Imran Khan on co-parenting daughter Imara post divorce with Avantika Malik: ‘We remind her these are grown-up problems’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Imran Khan and Avantika Malik parted ways in 2019, sharing custody of their daughter, Imara. In a recent interview with Humans of Bombay, Imran opened up about how his own childhood experiences have influenced his approach to co-parenting.
The actor revealed that his parents divorced when he was just three years old, but they remained actively involved in his life.“They are good role models. Despite their differences, they were consciously engaged with me with the intention of loving me. I was their priority,” he said.
Imran and Avantika are determined to protect Imara from the emotional impact of their separation. They ensure she understands that their issues are ‘grown-up problems’ and strive to communicate openly about their feelings.
He recalled, “When I separated in 2019, I was at my weakest—emotionally and physically. I’d say, I was a husk of a human being. I couldn’t even get myself out of bed, I would stay in my pajamas and just be. But the days when I’d have to take care of my daughter Imara, no matter how weak I felt, I’d pull myself up!”

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Reflecting on his own childhood, Imran shared how his mother brought him back to India after her divorce, enrolling him in a strict school where he faced developmental issues like stammering and anxiety. Eventually, his mother decided to remove him from that environment for his well-being.

Imran’s foray into acting began as a child with a role in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. Initially, he dreamed of becoming an archaeologist, inspired by the Indiana Jones movies. His major breakthrough as a lead actor came in 2008 with Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, alongside Genelia D’Souza.
After his separation from Avantika, Imran has found happiness with actress Lekha Washington. He recently confirmed that they are moving into a new apartment together, ending his five years of living alone. Imran revealed that their relationship began during the Covid pandemic, and they have been together since.

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