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NEW DELHI: Representing the country at the international level is the highest and the most revered feeling for any athlete. And when the jam-packed crowd in the stadium joins you in singing the National Anthem, the feeling cannot be described in words.
Ahead of their opening match against Ireland in the T20 World Cup, former captain and star batter Virat Kohli shared his experience of singing the National Anthem in a packed stadium.
The official broadcaster shared a video on X where Kohli talks about how the 2011 ODI World Cup was the first instance for him when the National Anthem was sung in a stadium.
Kohli says, “Whenever the National Anthem has been sung, especially in big tournaments, 2011 World Cup for me was the first exposure to it and when I experienced that atmosphere, I have never felt that sense of unity, united energy in one place ever. The force of it was something I have never experienced in my life. It gave me Goosebumps all over because everyone is singing and everyone is just focused on one goal that India has to win.”
India made the final of last year’s ODI World Cup at home but lost to Australia in front of a crestfallen packed house at the world’s biggest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad.
“There is no other thought in anyone’s mind at that stage. And that energy is so powerful that if you are tuned to it, if you are involved in it, you can feel the energy of the crowd. Literally you can feel their emotions and their excitement and their tension as well you sing the National Anthem,” Kohli adds.
Kohli topped the batting charts with 741 runs for Royal Challengers Bengaluru in this edition of the Indian Premier League.
“I have had some amazing experiences. 2016 T20 World Cup in India again, Eden Gardens, Mohali against Australia. I have been a part of the National Anthem being sung many times but these few instances for me are just unforgettable because of the energy that it brought in the stadium,” Kohli points out.
India’s last World Cup win came in 2011 when a young Kohli carried cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar on his shoulders during their victory lap of the field.
“It’s a very special thing when you feel the force of so many people behind you, pushing you towards winning the game for your team,” Kohli concludes.

In this T20 World Cup India face Ireland (June 5), Pakistan (June 9), United States (June 12) and Canada (June 15) in the group phase of the tournament.

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