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BENGALURU: Karnataka govt has banned the screening of Bollywood film ‘Hamare Baarah’ in the state, citing that it may disturb communal harmony. The movie was scheduled for countrywide release on Friday.
The order, issued under sections 15 (1) and 15 (5) of Karnataka Cinema (Regulation) Act 1964, banned the broadcast of even the trailer of the movie for two weeks or until further orders.The move came after several Muslim organisations across the state petitioned the govt, alleging the trailer of the film portrayed Islam in a “humiliating manner” and was “provocative”.
“If the movie is screened, it will create rifts between religions and castes. Targeting one religion intentionally, harming communal harmony, creating rifts in the nation, and hurting sentiments of Muslims is part of a conspiracy,” said the order, adding: “Films should play an instrumental role in guiding society and not foment hatred between religions.”
BJP’s senior functionary R Ashoka condemned the move, calling it “another attempt to suppress freedom of speech and expression in Karnataka”. Questioning the motives behind the ban, he asked who the CM and Karnataka Congress were trying to appease. “There is no threat to law and order in Karnataka because of this movie, which is being screened across the country. Instead of protecting the civil liberties and freedom of expression CM @siddaramaiah has yet again chosen to stand with radical elements.”

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