Laapataa Ladies co-stars Sparsh Shrivastava and Pratibha Ranta reveal whether they are dating or not: ‘A guy and a girl can just be friends’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Laapataa Ladies co-stars Sparsh Shrivastava and Pratibha Ranta, who have been making headlines with their sizzling chemistry on-screen and off-screen, have confirmed that they are not dating in real life.
The two recently took part in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Instagram. When a fan asked if they were dating, Pratibha quickly responded with a straightforward “No, of course not!” Sparsh then added, “Yaar, ek ladka aur ladki sirf dost bhi ho sakte hain (A guy and a girl can just be friends, yaar).” The duo even attempted to make hand-hearts, but unfortunately, their attempt was unsuccessful.
In a separate question, Sparsh was asked if women from his real life were ‘laapataa’ (missing). His response was met with laughter as he joked about the situation and said, “Bohot jyada jarurat hai abhi kisi lady ki entry hone ki life me (A lot of necessity is there for someone to enter my life right now).”

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The two co-stars played the roles of Deepak and Jaya in the film, which tells the story of Jaya getting swapped with Deepak’s wife, Phool. The series explores their unlikely bond as they navigate through a series of twists and turns.
When asked if they could be together in an alternate universe, Sparsh left it to the filmmakers, while Pratibha suggested that Deepak and Jaya could become best friends.

The confirmation of their non-romantic relationship comes as a relief to fans who have been eagerly following the duo’s on-screen and off-screen chemistry. It’s clear that Sparsh and Pratibha have a strong bond that goes beyond their on-screen roles.

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