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NEW DELHI: BJP’s Piyush Goyal on Sunday took oath as Union minister in Modi government 3.0 on Sunday. This comes after he emerged victorious in his first Lok Sabha election from the Mumbai North constituency, securing an impressive vote margin. Goyal has handled key ministries, including Commerce and Industry, in the second Modi government.
Before this, Goyal had served as a Rajya Sabha member since 2010.
In the recent polls, he defeated Congress candidate Bhushan Patil by a substantial margin of 3,57,608 votes, the highest in Maharashtra. His parents, Ved Prakash Goyal and Chandrakanta Goyal, were dedicated BJP loyalists, with his father serving as the shipping minister in the Vajpayee government and his mother being a three-term MLA from Matunga, Mumbai.
Throughout his political career, Goyal has held various key positions, including BJP’s national treasurer and head of the party’s communications campaign in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He was elevated to the cabinet rank in September 2017 and has handled multiple ministries such as finance, railways, coal, corporate affairs, commerce, industry, textiles, consumer affairs, food, and public distribution. In 2021, he became the leader of the house in Rajya Sabha.
When Rahul Gandhi, a Congress MP, recently alleged a “biggest stock market scam” worth Rs 30 lakh crore and implicated Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union minister Amit Shah, Goyal countered the claim, stating that domestic investors actually profited while foreign investors incurred losses. He dismissed Gandhi’s demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe, deeming his comments as baseless and emphasizing that the Rs 30 lakh crore figure was a notional amount unrelated to trading.
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