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Will Joe Biden withdraw from the US presidential contest? The pressure is mounting on him to quit the race in the aftermath of his disastrous performance during the first debate with Donald Trump. But as of now, Biden remains defiant. “I’m not going anywhere,” the US President told a crowd gathered for a July Fourth barbecue on the White House South Lawn.
Later, during evening fireworks, he stood on the balcony with his family and Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, in a clear show of support.Harris at one point grabbed Biden’s hand and held it high in the air, and later the two hugged.
In a Wednesday night meeting with Democratic governors, Biden acknowledged that he needs to get more sleep and limit evening events so he can turn in earlier to be rested for the job, according to three people familiar with the meeting, who also spoke on condition of anonymity. One person said the president joked that his health was fine, it was his brain that had challenges.
Meanwhile, The Washington Post editorial board has published an opinion piece imagining a scenario in which President Joe Biden withdraws from the presidential race. The article, titled “What if Biden spoke these words?” presents a hypothetical concession speech for Biden, suggesting the president might step down and call for a convention to find his replacement.
The piece reflects ongoing concerns following his recent debate performance against former President Donald Trump. During the debate, Biden was seen losing his train of thought and failing to challenge Trump effectively, causing disappointment among Democrats.
In the theoretical speech, Biden reflects on his extensive political career, stating, “A large part of me still wants to stay in the fight. But, at this moment, the nation needs something I cannot provide: a leader with the energy to run a vigorous campaign and then to work for America, at all hours, for the next four years.” The speech also compares Biden’s potential step down to George Washington’s decision to leave office despite no constitutional requirement, recognizing the time for service coming to an end.
The proposed speech calls for a new process to select a Democratic nominee, including debates among candidates leading up to the party’s nominating convention in August. The article suggests that Vice President Kamala Harris would be a willing participant in this process, reflecting her position as a logical successor.
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In his concluding part, Biden says: “Americans, I invite you to search your soul as I have. Are we so unsure of ourselves that we will empower a would-be king, one who has been given expansive powers by an activist Supreme Court? Or will we look back on Washington’s example, in the spring of American life, and recognize that our independence is built on service, sacrifice, a willingness to assume the best in one another and the belief there will be better seasons to come?”

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