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MUMBAI: Nota (none of the above) emerged as the third-highest vote-getter in four of six parliamentary constituencies in Mumbai. In the other two, Vanchit Bahujan Agadhi (VBA), led by Prakash Ambedkar, managed to bag more than Nota.
Notably, all third-place vote tallies accounted for less than 2% of total votes cast.
The 2024 Lok Sabha polls saw a tight race between the two primary candidates in each of Mumbai’s seats, with minimal influence from third-party contenders.In contrast to the 2019 elections, where VBA had garnered between 2% and 8% of total votes cast in all six constituencies, pushing Nota to a distant position, Nota did well this time. The two main contenders captured over 95% votes in the six constituencies, leaving about 5% to be shared among smaller parties, including VBA, Independents and Nota.
Across the six constituencies, a total of 75,262 Nota votes were recorded, with the highest number (15,161) in the Mumbai North West constituency, where Shiv Sena candidate Ravindra Waikar defeated Shiv Sena UBT candidate Amol Kirtikar by a slim margin of 48 votes. In terms of percentage, Mumbai South and South Central had the highest Nota share, at 1.7 each.

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