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NEW DELHI: Rahul Gandhi on Monday began his first speech of 18th Lok Sabha by invoking ‘Jai Sanvidhan‘ (Hail Constitution) amidst BJP chants of ‘Jai Sri Ram’ as he got up to speak.
Here are the key quotes:

  • Country has together protected Constitution, it feels nice that BJP people now repeating ‘Jai samvidhan’ after me.
  • There has been a systematic and a full-scale assault on the idea of India, the Constitution and on the people who resisted the attack on Constitution. Many of us were personally attacked. Some of the leaders are still in jail. Anyone who resisted the idea of concentration of power & wealth, aggression on poor & Dalits and minorities was crushed. I was attacked by the order of Govt of India, by the order of the Prime Minister of India. The most enjoyable part of it was the 55 hours of interrogation by ED.
  • I am happy and proud to be in opposition; for us there is something more than power, it is truth
  • The PM says that (Mahatma) Gandhi is dead and Gandhi was revived by a movie. Can you understand the ignorance? Another thing I noticed is that it is not just one religion that talks about courage. All religions talk about courage.

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