Relative defends CISF constable: ‘Kangana Ranaut and Kulwinder Kaur had an argument over keeping her purse and phone on the conveyor belt’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Sher Singh Mahiwal, a relative of CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur, defended her actions after she allegedly slapped actor and newly elected BJP MP Kangana Ranaut at the Chandigarh airport.
According to Mahiwal, the argument began when Kaur asked Kangana Ranaut to place her purse and phone on the conveyor belt for scanning. He attributed Kaur’s reaction to Kangana’s previous comments about farmers, which had offended many, including Kaur.Mahiwal emphasized the need for a thorough investigation and disclosed that he hadn’t spoken to Kaur since the incident.
“For security, she asked her (Kangana Ranaut) to keep her purse and phone (on the conveyor belt) under the scanner. They had an argument over this and that led to all this. Kangana Ranaut had said bad things about farmers, our mothers and sisters. So it is natural that such things will happen…There should be a proper investigation. I have not spoken to her,” Mahiwal was quoted as saying by ANI.
The issue occurred as Kangana Ranaut, who recently won the Lok Sabha seat from Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi, was preparing to board a flight to Delhi. The incident has drawn attention due to the political and social context surrounding it, particularly Kangana Ranaut’s controversial remarks about the farmers’ protests. The protests, which lasted for 15 months, were in opposition to the now-repealed farm laws and demanded a legal guarantee for minimum support prices.
In response to the incident, Kaur has been suspended from her duties, and an FIR has been lodged against her. The CISF, responsible for airport security, has ordered a court of inquiry to investigate the matter thoroughly. Kaur allegedly told Ranaut that the slap was a repercussion for “disrespecting farmers,” reflecting the widespread sentiments of those involved in the farmers’ protests.

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