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NEW DELHI: After poor BJP show in Uttar Pradesh, chief minister Yogi Adityanath held a meeting of the council of ministers on Saturday and asked them to shun VIP culture and prioritise the needs of the people.
He instructed the ministers to visit people and indulge in “dialogue, coordination and sensitivity (samvaad, samanvay, samvedansheelta)”.
He emphasised the importance of engaging with the public, particularly those at the lowest strata of society, and resolving their issues through effective communication, coordination, and sensitivity.
“All of us will have to be alert and cautious so that none of our activities reflect the VIP culture,” he said.
The chief minister stressed that the government’s primary focus should be on serving the people and addressing their concerns. He instructed the ministers to actively engage with the public, collaborate with local representatives and the administration to find solutions to their problems. Adityanath cautioned that all public representatives, including ministers, must remain vigilant to ensure that their actions do not reflect a VIP culture.
During the meeting, Adityanath congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the formation of the central government for the third consecutive term. He also acknowledged the ministers who were elected as Members of Parliament. The chief minister expressed confidence that with the accelerated pace of development witnessed in Uttar Pradesh over the past decade under Modi’s leadership, the government will set new records in the coming five years.
Adityanath urged the ministers to widely publicize the achievements of both the central and state governments. He encouraged them to increase their active participation on social media platforms to raise public awareness about the policies, decisions, and positive outcomes of the double engine government.
Discussing the departmental action plan, the chief minister reiterated the state government’s commitment to achieving the target of a trillion dollar economy. He emphasised that each department has a specific responsibility in this regard, and it is the duty of the ministers to monitor progress, identify discrepancies, and take corrective measures promptly.
Looking ahead, Adityanath highlighted upcoming programs such as massive plantation drives, the School Chalo Abhiyan, and communicable disease control initiatives. He called upon all ministers to contribute to the success of these programs in their respective areas.
The chief minister also prioritized the ‘Jan Sunvaai’ (public hearing) system, emphasizing that the satisfaction of the common man and the progress of the state are at the core of the government’s public welfare efforts. He stressed that the IGRS (Integrated Grievance Redressal System) and CM Helpline are valuable tools for efficiently resolving complaints and problems faced by the public. Adityanath urged ministers, public representatives, officers, and employees to promptly and prioritize the disposal of applications received through the IGRS.
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