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NEW DELHI: Enough is enough, says the 12-lakh strong Army, grappling with the repeated unauthorised use of its uniform and medals across the country.
The force is now cracking the whip with the message that those “disrespecting the sanctity” of military attire and decorations will not be spared and could even face legal action.
“The Army headquarters has taken a stern view of such violations,” a senior officer told TOI on Friday.
A strong warning, for instance, was recently issued to a Noida-based event management firm after one of its employees was spotted flaunting Army medals at a function, which drew widespread attention on social media platforms. “The firm has apologised in writing for the blatant disregard of the honour and integrity associated with the medals after the Army threatened to file an FIR. The firm has also assured us it would not repeat the mistake in the future,” the officer added.
Earlier, the Army even initiated “appropriate action” against a retired Lt-Colonel, who appeared in a YouTube podcast wearing the rank of a Colonel, under Section 140 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for violation of provisions outlined in Para 666 of the Regulations (revised) for the Army, 2010.
The IPC section provides for imprisonment up to three-months or fine, or both, if a person is found guilty of wearing a uniform or carrying any token used by a soldier, sailor or airman with the intent to make others believe he is a military man. The Army headquarters is now examining the Lt-Col’s plea that it was an inadvertent mistake.
“The Army and military intelligence, in conjunction with police, has also been conducting raids and taking action in various states like Maharashtra and Rajasthan, among others, against the unauthorised sale of its new patented combat uniform with ‘a unique digital disruptive camouflage pattern’,” the officer said.
Having registered an intellectual property right (IPR) over the new ergonomically-designed combat uniform that is “lighter, stronger and more climate-friendly”, the Army says its manufacturing by any vendor who is not authorised to do so is illegal.
“The uniform can be misused for terror strikes or gaining access to restricted areas,” he added.
The defence ministry and Army have also been repeatedly asking all ministries and states to not allow their uniformed personnel to wear camouflage fatigues akin to the force. This, for instance, can lead to false alarms that the Army has been deployed for crowd control or other law and order duties. “Even private security agencies try to copy Army uniforms. This is simply not done,” another officer said.

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