Unable to pay for treatment, father buries newborn daughter in Pakistan – Times of India

Pakistan police arrested a father for burying his 15-day-old daughter alive in Tharushah due to a lack of money for her treatment.
Police revealed that the father, identified as Tayyab, admitted to the crime, explaining that financial difficulties had prevented him from affording medical care for his infant daughter. Tayyab confessed to placing the newborn in a sack before burying her, ANI reported citing Pakistan-based ARY News.
Tayyab has confessed his guilt in the matter, and a case has been formally registered against him.In accordance with a court order, authorities will exhume the child’s grave for forensic examination through postmortem procedures, according to ARY News.
In a separate incident, a distressing incident was reported from Lahore’s Defense B area in which a husband and wife allegedly stripped and tortured a 13-year-old domestic worker.
Following a complaint filed by the victim’s mother, law enforcement swiftly registered a FIR against the accused, Hassam. Hassam has been apprehended in connection with the incident, while efforts to locate his wife are ongoing.
According to the FIR, the victim, Tehreem, endured prolonged physical abuse, including forced nudity, allegedly due to suspicions of theft. The mother of the victim stated in the FIR that her daughter suffered fractures to her hand and nose during the ordeal.
After receiving medical treatment, Tehreem was released into her mother’s care. The Superintendent of Police (SP) Cantt assured the public that those responsible for the reprehensible acts against Tehreem would be swiftly brought to justice, as reported by ARY News.

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