Vishwakarma Puja

Vishwakarma Puja – Celebration of Creativity Crafted with Devotion and Skill.

Vishwakarma Puja: a festival that resonates with craftsmanship, innovation, and reverence. This article delves into the heart of this vibrant celebration, shedding light on its significance, traditions, and the fervor it evokes among devotees.

Vishwakarma Puja, also known as Vishwakarma Jayanti, is a sacred Hindu festival celebrated to honor Lord Vishwakarma, the divine architect and craftsman of the universe. This auspicious day usually falls on the 17th or 18th of September each year, depending on the Hindu lunar calendar. It is a time when artisans, craftsmen, engineers, and factory workers pay homage to Lord Vishwakarma for his blessings in their respective professions. This year the auspicious day falls on 17th September, Sunday.

The Legend of Vishwakarma A Divine Artisan’s Tale:

Legend has it that Lord Vishwakarma designed the entire universe, from the heavens to the abode of humans. His unparalleled craftsmanship and expertise were unmatched, making him the celestial architect. Devotees believe that invoking his blessings during Vishwakarma Puja ensures success, prosperity, and safety in their craftsmanship endeavors.

The Historical and Mythological Significance:

Vishwakarma Puja has deep historical and mythological roots. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishwakarma is believed to have built the celestial city of Dwarka for Lord Krishna. He is also credited with constructing the city of Hastinapur for the Pandavas. This festival is a tribute to Lord Vishwakarma’s unparalleled craftsmanship and creative abilities.

Rituals and Traditions Crafting a Sacred Celebration:

Vishwakarma Puja is marked by various rituals and traditions that showcase the dedication and devotion of craftsmen and artisans:

Cleaning and Decoration: Workspaces, tools, and machinery are thoroughly cleaned and adorned with flowers and garlands.
Prayers and Offerings: Devotees offer prayers and sweets to Lord Vishwakarma, seeking his divine blessings.
Artisan Gatherings: Craftsmen and laborers come together for community prayers and celebrations.
Flying Kites: In some regions of India, particularly in Gujarat, flying kites is a popular tradition during Vishwakarma Puja. Colorful kites fill the sky, representing the vibrant spirit of the festival. This tradition adds an element of joy and festivity to the celebration.
Distribution of Prasad: Sweets and Prasad are distributed among the workers and their families.

How Vishwakarma Puja Brings Prosperity and Success:

Vishwakarma Puja is not just a cultural or religious observance; it is also a source of inspiration and motivation for those in creative and technical fields. Here’s how this auspicious day can contribute to prosperity and success:

Divine Blessings: By paying homage to Lord Vishwakarma, individuals seek his divine blessings for skill enhancement, creativity, and success in their respective professions. It is believed that his blessings can lead to breakthroughs and innovation in one’s work.
Fostering Unity: The gatherings and community prayers during Vishwakarma Puja foster a sense of unity among artisans and craftsmen. This unity can lead to collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual support, which can significantly benefit one’s career.
Renewed Enthusiasm: Cleaning and decorating tools is not merely a ritual but also an opportunity to refresh one’s workspace. A clean and organized workspace can boost productivity and creativity, leading to professional success.


Q: When is Vishwakarma Puja celebrated?
A: Vishwakarma Puja is usually celebrated in September or October, depending on the Hindu calendar.

Q: Who is Lord Vishwakarma?
A: Lord Vishwakarma is the divine architect and craftsman in Hindu mythology, believed to have designed the entire universe.

Q: What is the significance of cleaning workspaces during the festival?
A: Cleaning workspaces is symbolic of removing impurities and starting with a fresh and positive mindset for the year ahead.

Q: Are there any specific rituals for individuals during Vishwakarma Puja?
A: While the primary rituals are community-based, individuals can also offer prayers and seek blessings for their personal craftsmanship endeavors.

Q: How do people celebrate Vishwakarma Puja in urban areas?
A: In cities, the festival is marked by community gatherings, prayers at workshops, and distribution of Prasad among workers.

Q: Is Vishwakarma Puja celebrated only in India?
A: While it is most prominently celebrated in India, communities with a Hindu diaspora also observe Vishwakarma Puja worldwide.


Vishwakarma Puja is more than just a religious festival; it’s a celebration of human ingenuity and the spirit of craftsmanship. Vishwakarma Puja is an occasion for individuals and communities to express gratitude for the skills and craftsmanship that contribute to society’s development.

This vibrant and joyous occasion reminds us to take pride in our work, seek excellence, and honor the divine creator of the universe, Lord Vishwakarma. It’s a time to celebrate the spirit of innovation and hard work that underpins various professions, especially those involved in construction and manufacturing.

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