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Girl group Weki Meki has announced the end of its seven-year journey in the K-pop industry, marking the occasion with the release of their final digital single, ‘CoinciDestiny’, scheduled for June 12. On Friday, Fantagio, the group’s agency, confirmed the disbandment, signaling the closure of a chapter in Weki Meki’s musical history. ‘CoinciDestiny’ holds great importance as the group’s first new song in over two years and seven months, following their fifth mini-album, ‘I AM ME’.

Explaining the title ‘CoinciDestiny’, Fantagio described it as a fusion of ‘coincide’ and ‘destiny’, symbolizing the serendipitous meeting between Weki Meki and their devoted fans.Weki Meki burst onto the K-pop scene in 2017 as an eight-member group, featuring notable talents like Choi Yoo-jung and Kim Do-yeon from the final lineup of Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’. Alongside them were Elly and Sei, also participants in the survival program, contributing to the group’s diversity.
Throughout their career, Weki Meki gained recognition for their energetic and infectious music, delivering hits such as ‘I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend’, ‘La La La’, and ‘Picky Picky’. However, as the group’s last release in November 2021 signaled a hiatus, members began to explore individual projects.
Kim Do-yeon, in particular, found herself in the spotlight due to rumors of a romantic involvement with actor Gong Myung, echoing speculations from two years prior. Yet, both agencies dismissed the rumors, affirming their professional relationship. Kim has since started her acting career, appearing in notable television dramas such as ‘Jirisan’ and ‘One the Woman’.

Meanwhile, Choi Yoo-jung ventured into the theatrical realm, showcasing her versatility in the Korean musical ‘Hero’. Elly participated in Mnet’s 2023 survival program ‘Queendom Puzzle’, aiming to form a project girl group with current or former girl band members. Despite her efforts, Elly faced elimination in the final round.

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