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NEW DELHI: Former India all-rounder Yuvraj Singh made his appearance on the popular TV show ‘Good Morning America‘ to explain the game of cricket to the American audience.
During the show, Yuvraj joined the host, Michael Anthony Strahan and the famous weathercaster Sam Champion. He took the opportunity to highlight the key differences between cricket and baseball, which is widely regarded as one of the most beloved sports in America.
The T20 World Cup ambassador Yuvraj expressed his surprise that cricket is played in America and anticipated that the sport would gain more prominence in the nation over the upcoming years.

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“Never imagined that cricket would be played in America. It’s very exciting. The ICC has built a couple of new stadiums, I would like to see the Americans watching the sport,” Yuvraj, who won the inaugural T20 World Cup, said on the show.
“Every time I meet an American, they ask me ‘what’s cricket?’. I tell them ‘it’s like baseball, we just don’t run in four quarters, we run straight and back’. The cricket swing and the baseball swing, are very similar. It’s a similar set-up. In baseball, you can swing at everything. In cricket, you keep your bat down because the ball bounces and comes to you, Yuvraj said while explaining the basic differences between baseball and cricket.
“Yeah, at the start, yes. Once you get in, you can start using your power. When you hit it out of the park, it’s called a Home Run in baseball, in cricket, it’s called a six.
“I think, in baseball, there is less time — after three strikes, you are out. In cricket, you have got to think probably quicker. In baseball, you have to hit everything straight, in cricket you can hit behind square,” he added.

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