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Jaaved Jaaferi recently shared a home tour video featuring his children, Alaviaa and Meezaan. The actor explained his desire for a spacious house, which led him to move to Bandra after living in Lokhandwala for a few years.
Having spent over 40 years in the city, Jaaved, a true “Bandra boy,” relocated to Lokhandwala while his children were growing up.He longed for more space in his home, and his children suggested moving back to Bandra. However, he was initially concerned about the dynamic changes in Bandra, including the closely built buildings. He humorously noted that in Bandra, you can have a conversation with your neighbor just by opening your window.

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The 7,000-square-foot sea-facing apartment was a perfect solution, allowing Jaaved to create a “warm, natural, and eclectic” interior. In the video, he describes the home as a blend of three varying sensibilities. The living room, featuring a white theme and a plush sage green couch, is a major highlight. Jaaved and his children sat together to discuss their family bond in this spacious setting.
Meezaan mentioned, “One thing we’ve all agreed on is the textured walls that run throughout the house.” The living room also boasts of a beautiful mini library, sculptures, and a wooden dining table, adding elegance to the space. Jaaved emphasized the importance of the dining table, saying, “The first thing everyone insisted on when we moved here was that we need a dining table.” The goal was to have family meals together without using mobile phones or eating in separate rooms. Despite this rule, Meezaan playfully noted that Jaaved had his meal scrolling on his phone on their last day.

Alaviaa and Meezaan then showcased their rooms. Meezaan’s room features a brown theme and a collection of music CDs, while Alaviaa’s room is predominantly white to ensure good lighting for her videos. She also has a TV with a PlayStation, where she enjoys playing Fortnite.
The apartment includes a long terrace where the family often spends time together. Jaaved, known for hosting the dance competition television series ‘Boogie Woogie,’ added, “A house is just four walls. A home also includes people, love, sharing, and caring.”

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