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In an interview last year, Ajay Devgn shared insights on how he and his wife, Kajol, supported their children, Nysa and Yug, in coping with online trolling. Nysa, often captured by paparazzi, faced negativity on social media platforms several times.

Ajay admitted that he learned to “ignore” the trolling and advised his children to do the same. He emphasized the importance of explaining to them that online negativity represents only a small fraction of their audience.
Regarding his children’s interest in the film industry, Ajay told Filmfare that he had clarified that neither Nysa nor Yug aspires to be actors like other star-kids.While Yug has started enjoying Hindi films, Nysa shows no interest in watching their movies, at least for now.

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Ajay expressed concerns about the constant attention on Nysa and Yug, stating that it bothered him because sometimes false information was circulated. However, he acknowledged the challenge of responding to such situations, as reacting could amplify the issue.
Finding a balance in parenting, especially with teenagers, posed a significant challenge for Ajay and Kajol. He acknowledged the differences in mindset between teenagers and adults, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach in handling their concerns.

Ajay highlighted their mindfulness about their children’s upbringing, acknowledging that teenagers observe and absorb every detail of their environment.

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